We develop technology for long range wireless power.

SkyGrids develops technology for wireless energy transmission using concentrated electromagnetic beams to remotely power drones during flight.

With the dedicated beaming station a direct link is created able to cover distances of several kilometres and potentially scaling up the technology to hundreds of kilometres.

On the receiver side a dedicated power receptor attached to the drone ensures an efficient energy conversion and provides a constant power supply used to operate and charge the batteries, wherever and whenever.

SkyGrids use cases
Inspection of industrial facilities

Inspecting industrial facilities is time consuming as operators need to fly over large facilities. By using long range wireless charging the need for landing and switching batteries is ellimated, automating part of the operation.

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Surveillance from the sky

For surveillance it is important to keep an eye in the sky for prolonged periods of time. Todays drone systems need to land and switch batteries on a frequent basis, which is taking valuable time.

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Remote package delivery

In the pursuit of remote package deliveries, flight time is an essential factor. Using wireless power transfer stations the flight time can be increased, enabling technologies such as automating deliveries using drones.

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Increased payload capacity

Traditionally adding heavy payloads will decrease flight time significantly. But with wireless power transfer the flight time can be maintained or even increased, even with heavier payloads.

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Our technology at a glance
Max. power received
Max. cover distance

SkyGrids develops laser power beaming technology to transmit energy over long distances. The ThunderBolt product line is designed to charging commercial drones over long distances through direct line of sight. With this objective the ThunderBolt system is designed with minimal retrofitting to the drone and the power receptor can be installed on any of the common commercial drones.

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